Ceramic Foam Filter Khakas Aluminium and aluminum liquid purification process and equipment are suitable for all aluminum production departments, including book boards, strips, foils, bars, tubes, wires, extruded materials, forgings, primary aluminum ingots, recycled ingots and Continuous casting.

Ceramic Foam Filter Khakas Aluminium

Ceramic Foam Filter Khakas Aluminium can effectively remove various impurities in the aluminum melt, greatly improving the cleanliness of the metal, thereby improving product quality, reducing costs, and increasing productivity to varying degrees.
The operation is simple, the process is easy to control, does not require excessive investment, and is worthy of popularization and application.

The natural melting point of various metal elements is very high. The melting point range of metals may vary, but it is usually around a few hundred to several thousand degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is very necessary for the Asian foundry filter to have certain characteristics. Here are some useful attributes

The porosity of the Ceramic Foam Filter Khakas Aluminium is the percentage of the pore space in the Cff of the China Aluminum Liquid Foam Ceramic Filter.
This property is very important in operation, because a filter with a much larger or smaller porosity hinders the process.
Therefore, it is recommended that the porosity must be ideal according to the type of molten metal used.

The construction of the Khakas aluminum smelter is the first major industrial project implemented by modern Russia. IThe smelter was launched in 2006 and has become one of the most modern, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly aluminum smelters in the world.

The project is fully implemented by the Russian engineering team, using the most advanced technology. The equipment-336 RA-300 electrolyzer-was also developed by RUSAL’s own engineering and technology center.

The structure of the factory includes electrolysis workshop, anode workshop and casting workshop, infrastructure and power supply facilities. One of the salient features of the plant is the high degree of automation of its production process.

RUSAL invested 750 million US dollars to build a new smelter with an annual output of 300,000 tons of aluminum. Construction was carried out at a record speed, and it took only 25 months from the beginning of the design work to the completion of the first phase. This is the first factory of this size built by Russia’s aluminum industry in the past 20 years.

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