Ceramic Foam Filter Korba Aluminium Smelter can effectively remove various inclusions in the aluminum water with a fineness of micrometers, so that the aluminum water becomes a smooth laminar flow, which is conducive to punching.

Ceramic Foam Filter Korba Aluminium Smelter
Ceramic Foam Filter Korba Aluminium Smelter has good mechanical strength and chemical stability, excellent resistance to aluminum water washing; strictly controlled pore size and through-hole rate, can obtain stable filtering effect; ceramic foam filter plate is surrounded by sealed ceramic fibers Liner, which helps to seal the filter in the filter box and ensure that there is no side flow of molten metal.

Cast aluminum rods are formed by direct casting, and extruded aluminum rods are extruded based on cast aluminum rods and then made. Extruded aluminum rods have relatively high strength, and cast aluminum rods are generally less directly used. Mainly the intensity is relatively low.

Aluminum rod is a kind of aluminum product. The melting and casting of aluminum rod includes melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and casting process.

Casting deformation is caused by the casting stress concentration caused by the defects of the shape and size of the casting that do not match the drawings.
The main reason is that the thickness of the casting wall is too different.
The cooling rate of thin-walled parts is fast, and the cooling rate of thick-walled parts is slow, which causes uneven cooling of the casting and prevents the normal shrinkage and deformation of the casting.
Or the wooden mold material is not dried, and the size of the wooden mold is incorrect. Defects such as improper modeling operation, etc., which cause the overall or partial warpage of the casting to be inconsistent with the drawing, are all called deformation.

The director of the foundry workshop is the main person in charge of the foundry workshop. Under the leadership of the production minister, and with the support of the team leaders, he is responsible for the production management, quality and safety, planning and arrangement of the workshop, and is fully responsible for the management of the production workshop.
1. Safe production, adhere to the policy of “safety first, prevention first”, inspect production equipment from time to time, supervise the operation specifications and labor insurance wear of production personnel, and prevent all safety accidents.
2. Loving work and dedication, implementing and implementing the company’s various rules and regulations, and taking full responsibility for the production, technology, quality, equipment, and safety of the workshop.
3. According to the production plan issued by the production department, formulate a specific production plan, and implement it to each team, grasp the production progress, and ensure the smooth completion of production tasks with quality and quantity.
4. Reasonably arrange production to ensure smooth production in the workshop; formulate various rules and regulations and conduct reasonable human resource scheduling to improve the work efficiency of workers, reduce production costs, and improve the company’s economic benefits.
5. Regularly check the quality of the workpieces in the workshop, and discuss and analyze technical problems in a timely manner when problems are found and solve quality problems. Cooperate with random inspectors to conduct quality inspections, and solve the quality problems detected in time to avoid large quantities of waste parts.
6. Promote exchanges and cooperation, communication and coordination between teams; actively cooperate with the work of various departments and coordinate the relationship between various departments.
7. Correctly handle emergencies in the workshop, and report the handling and progress of the incident at any time. For serious incidents, promptly consult the superiors.
8. Strengthen the management of equipment and tools, do a good job in civilized production, and reasonably arrange the workshop; maintain the sanitation of the workshop, and continuously improve the working environment; strengthen the safety awareness of employees, do a good job in employee skills training, and improve employee quality.

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