Ceramic Foam Filter Eas Aluminium Bulgaria is used for the filtration of aluminum melt in aluminum melting and casting plants such as Bulgaria aluminum rods and ingots.

Ceramic Foam Filter Eas Aluminium Bulgaria is basically divided into 6 pore sizes: 10PPI, 15PPI, 20PPI, 25PPI, 30PPI, and 40PPI. The larger the number, the smaller the aperture. But in actual practice, the four types of 10PPI 20PPI 30PP 40PPI can meet the needs of customers.

Aperture selection
1. The casting: 10~25ppi
2. Semi-continuous casting: 30~60ppi
3. High-quality aluminum or sheet: 50~60ppi
4. Continuous casting and rolling: 50~60p

Ceramic Foam Filter Eas Aluminium Bulgaria

The Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant (part of the Eurasian Resources Group, located in Pavlodar Region) will supply 40,000 tons of aluminum to the Bulgarian Alcomet Aluminum Company each year.
In addition, the Pavlodar region government, the Kazakhstan electrolysis plant and the Bulgarian Alcomet Aluminum Company signed a memorandum of cooperation to jointly implement the aluminum product production investment project in Pavlodar region. The project will be launched at the end of 2014 and put into operation at the end of 2016.
Alcomet exports 85% of its production to EU countries, making it one of the country’s largest exporters.

EAS aluminium is a family owned company which was founded in aluminium sector in 1986. EAS Aluminum is located in Bulgaria, near Greece. We specialize in all kinds of aluminium profile extrusion, powder coating, anodizing, etc.

We ensure control under the guidance of the ISO 9001:2018 quality management standards in all units-from the production to transportation and to provide quality service to our customers before and after sale with our professional and experienced team.

Keeping customers’ satisfaction as number one priority and following technological developments closely by our professional team, our companies made a slogan to contribute to the national economy at home and abroad intended for aluminium industry.

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