On July 5, 2019, AdTech once again welcomed GUSTAVO, an old friend of Colombian old customers. He visited GUSTAVO and visited JOSE with technology.

Since the company was founded, GUSTAVO has established a deep friendship and strategic cooperation with AdTech. It is a customer and a friend. Mr. Xiong Zong, general manager of Henan AdTech, manager Dong of foreign trade, Professor Ye, the technical consultant of the factory, and Li Lidan, the chief engineer of the factory technology and overseas representative, gave a warm reception to the customers.

GUSTAVO is very interested in the history of Xiong’s entrepreneurial development and the growth of Henan AdTech. The general manager of Henan AdTech gave a detailed introduction to the client. JOSE gave a detailed understanding of the production process of the factory’s heat-fixing parts, nozzle plates, filter plates, degassing equipment, and plugs. Prof. Ye, the factory technical consultant, gave a detailed introduction to the refined production process of the products. For the problems encountered in the production process of the end customer, the detailed use method of the product and the solution method, the factory technician Zhang gave a detailed explanation to the customer.

In the constant communication, the product questions raised by the customer and the problems encountered in the use of the product, AdTech gave an objective and detailed analysis and made a satisfactory answer to the customer. GUSTAVO was very satisfied with the trip of AdTech.

An old friend of Colombian old customers

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