A university professor and related leaders of the aluminum factory visited AdTech

Recently, General Manager Ivans invited a university professor and related leaders of the aluminum factory to observe the guidance of AdTech.

Testing laboratory – new product exchange
In the morning, General Manager AdTech in-depth communication with the company’s development planning and current difficulties and visiting leaders, the experience of enterprise development, the technical team’s product innovation: optimizing process, quality assurance, and implementing online degassing filtration equipment to drive filtration evolution Material brand strong enterprise development concept.

Visit the AdTech production workshop
Visited the production line: in the ceramic filter board production line, stop and watch, learn more about each production process of the filter plate, view the operation record from the bubble forming, dipping, forming, packaging, etc., and control the quality; in the equipment manufacturing workshop, The on-line degassing filtration equipment that is in an orderly manner is greatly admired, and stops to watch the production process of the online degassing filtration equipment. It is highly evaluated for the fine production of the insulation layer, the overall assembly and commissioning, and also visits the heat-fixing parts production line and the casting nozzle board. Production line, etc.

Give AdTech a high rating
After the visit, I highly valued AdTech’ corporate culture construction, affirmed the company’s productivity improvement brought by standardization management, appreciated the company’s efforts in product quality control, and affirmed the AdTech brand in the industry. Status.



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