Porous Ceramic Filter Foam

Porous Ceramic Filter Foam Suppliers AdTech produces materials and provides service for high temperature filtration and purification with strong technical strength and management system.
AdTech is located in Wen County,China which covers an area of more than 20 acres with 20,000 square meters of workshop and warehouse. AdTech serves customers from dozens of countries and regions including China (Chinese Aluminum Industry, Zhongwang China, Weiqiao, Midas), Middle East (Aluminum Bahrain , Dubai Aluminum, Midal Cables), Southeast Asia (Press Metal, GVA, Jindal, ) and Europe (Hydro, Rusal), etc. AdTech has established long-term relationships with a number of world-famous enterprise. AdTech is a worldwide supplier and solution provider of high-end online degassing unit and high temperature filtration and purification material in high precision aluminum casting industry.

Porous Ceramic Filter Foam AdTech was founded in 2012, and the China plant has been put into production by the end of 2013.
AdTech is an international enterprise concentrating on R & D and manufacturing online degassing and filtrating equipment, ceramic foam filter, hot-top casting materials, nozzle board, repair coating material and flux.
AdTech China factory has acquired the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001and SGS. Now AdTech China factory has 168 employees, including 15 staffs with senior (and above) professional titles.
So far, it has covered all the equipment, filtration and high temperature materials required by the aluminum alloy casting industry which fully meets the requirements of customers for various orders.

Porous Ceramic Filter Foam AdTech has annual output capacities of 400,000 ceramic foam filters 1 million sets of hot-top casting materials,150 high-precision degassing filter equipment and 5000 sets of roll casting nozzles etc.

Porous Ceramic Filter Foam is made of non-stick aluminum material.
It has the characteristics of non-stick aluminum. The product is white or milky white. It is suitable for the production of high quality and high requirements aluminum and aluminum alloy purification process through physical adsorption and Chemical action, which can effectively remove various oxidation inclusions generated during aluminum smelting process, thereby reducing casting defects, improving casting quality, and providing high-quality materials for further deep processing.
Aluminum plant filter should be preheated before use.
The filter plate is completely sealed in the aluminum water filter box to ensure that all the aluminum water passes through the filter plate, and the total amount of filtration must not exceed the specified limit. If the amount of slag in the aluminum water is too high, multiple pieces of filtration or reduction should be adopted. The amount is adjusted.

Porous Ceramic Filter Foam
Characteristics of ceramic foam filter plates
Filtration technology has been used to remove inclusions in aluminum fluids for more than 30 years.
After successful use in production practice, it quickly replaced glass filter, microporous ceramic tube, alumina ball and other filter carriers.

The foam ceramic filter plate has a network hole-like structure and has a certain strength, can withstand the pressure difference of the metal liquid level and the impact of the metal flow, but is brittle and fragile, because the material has a precise structure and a quality, and has Great surface area, so the filtration effect is excellent.

Advantages of using a filter plate to purify aluminum
The use of foam ceramic filter plates to purify aluminum liquids has several distinct advantages for aluminum alloy profile manufacturers:
1. Increase extrusion productivity
When using the filter plate to purify the 6063 alloy extrusion blank, we tracked a specific mold and found that the extrusion speed increased by about 20% and the productivity increased by nearly 15%.
2. Extend mold life and reduce the number of mold repairs.
3. Reduce the pressing force
When the filter plate was used to purify the 6063 alloy melt, it was found that the extrusion force was more than 3% lower than the unfiltered.
4. Significantly improved the surface quality of the aluminum profile.
From the above. The use of a foamed ceramic filter plate to purify the aluminum melt has tremendous advantages in terms of reducing production costs and improving product quality.

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