Aluminum Casting Filters

Aluminum Casting Filters mainly for filtration of aluminium and aluminium alloys in foundries and cast houses. With their excellent resistance to attack and corrosion from molten aluminum, they can effectively remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas and provide laminar flow, and then the filtered metal is significantly cleaner. Cleaner metal results in higher-quality castings, less scrap, and fewer inclusion defects, all of which contribute to bottom-line profit.
Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters(CFF-AL) Common Size:

Aluminum Casting Filtersis available in all common sizes
7″, 9″, 12″, 15″, 17″, 20″, and 23″.
We offers the whole range of porosities from PPI 10 up to PPI 60 (PPI = pores per inch). Custom-made cut-to-size filters are also possible.

Aluminum Casting Filters Gasketing
Aluminum Casting Filters is equipped with a gasket on the edges. The gasket assures the proper and tight position of the filter within the filter box. There are different types of gasket available, eg. Ceramic fibre gasket etc. Also you can choose CFF-AL without gasket.

Aluminum Casting Filters Function
Decontaminate the molten metal liquid
Simplified gating system
Improve the metallurgical structure of the castings
Reduce slag inclusions of the castings
Increase the casting quality rate
Reduce casting internal re-oxidation defects
Reduce the surface defects after machining of the castings

Aluminium Casting Filters


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