Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting Industry

Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting Industry is been made by specific procedures and have peculiar bone-frame holes just like the shape of foam (Called three-dimensional connected channel) and myriad eyelets which only been found in big times microscope. Compare to similar ones, our ceramic foam filter have many advantages as below:
–Stable chemical composition
–Excellent strength
–Resistant to high temperature
–Calm down of the turbulent flow of metal nicely
–big ㎡/m3 (surface area)
–Superior dimensional tolerances
Silicon Carbide (Sic) Ceramic Foam Filter – Iron Filter is suitable for iron casting, include dectile iron and grey iron.

Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting Industry Function
Separation up ad down
When the molten metal been blocked in mould, light inclusion will be separated automatically.
Surface filtration (Mechanic deterring)
The rest impurity after the process of “a” which is larger than the three-dimensional connected channel of filtration will be wipe off by the filtration. We said “surface filtration”.
can wipe off more smaller impurity which can’t been prevented by the process “a” and “b”.
Commutated function( Calm down of the turbulent flow)
Ceramic foam filters have big rate of interspaces, can calm down the turbulent flow of metal, and especially the bone- Preventing whirlpool
Whirlpool can made air bubble and take back some impurities which have been separated by forward process. Our products Relax impact. Decrease drop gravel.
Mix round metal liquid

Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting Industry Suggestion
Control the melting point satisfactorily. Especially high temperature will destroy it’s function.
Suitable PPI for different casting materials. usually 20ppi for grey iron, 10ppi for ductile iron.
Use the maximum temperature as soon as possibly.
The pouring highness don’t exceed20cmcommonly, and metal liquid don’t touch the filtration directly.
Take carefully about our products and put in on dry-wind place when non-using it.

Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting Industry

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