Aluminum Casting-Why Ceramic Foam Filters?

Filtration with ceramic foam filters offers several key benefits that improve the quality of premium aluminum
castings. These include:

* improved mechanical properties;

* reduced dye-penetrant indications;

* reduced x-ray evidence of nonmetallics;

* reduced rework/scrap;

* improved machining properties.

Why Ceramic Foam Filters

The presence of nonmetallic inclusions is detrimental to the production of premium quality castings. High attainable
mechanical properties are a key aspect that is readily lost in the presence of inclusions and oxide skins. The
mechanical properties of high-strength aluminum alloys are very sensitive to notches or imperfections in the casting.
Filtration effectively reduces inclusion levels and subsequent notch effects caused by inclusions. Conventional
techniques for attempting to remove inclusions are ineffective, and the use of metal or fiber screens isn’t sufficient
to keep the metal truly free of harmful nonmetallics.

Premium quality castings generally restrict the acceptability of surface defects that are revealed by dye penetrant
inspection. Research has shown the level of such defects is reduced when ceramic foam filtration is involved. A marked
decrease, or total elimination, of indications has been noted.Why Ceramic Foam Filters

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