Al2O3 Reticulated Foam Filter Brief introduction

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter is a kind of effective molten metal filter.
Three-dimensional mesh structure and high porosity have many advantages, for example, a large area of ​​slag.
Large internal filtration surface.
slight flow resistance.
good filtering effect, etc.
Alumina Ceramic foam filter This is one of the sizes, the size can be customized.

Al2O3 Reticulated Foam Filter

Pore ​​Density (photo): 10-60 PPI

1. What standards do you have?
Our products comply with the Stand of the ARDS, such as ANSI, BS, AMS, DIN, NUOI etc.
Third party testing is available to us.

2. How can you control the quality?
For every product processing, we have a complete quality control system for chemical composition and physical properties. After production, all products will be tested and a quality certificate will be sent along with the goods.

3. Does your company accept customization?
We accept OEM service.

4. What is the lead time?
It usually takes about 15-20 days after receiving the order.

5. What payment terms can you accept?
T / T or L / C

6. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory which was founded in 2002 with 61.58 million (Chinese Yuan) registered capital.

7. Can we visit your company?
Yes, of course, you can visit our company.

8. Do you supply samples?
Yes, we would like to send samples to check the quality.

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