Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3

Produce Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters

Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3

Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3 is designed for mould-casting metal. Thanks to the mechanism of creation of the “filter cake” on the inlet filter side and thanks to depth filtration inside the ceramic matrix, these ceramic foam filters are an effective instrument to reach metallurgical purity of molten metal during the process of casting. The filters also calm mould filling, thus preventing creation of undesirable defects in the casting.

Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3 features are conditioned by the open 3D structure of the ceramic matrix created by the system of mutually interconnected cells. They are characterised by a very good thermal conductivity, stability and resistance to sudden temperature changes.

Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3 are mainly used in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy purification process. With more and higher quality aluminum product requirements, the application of alumina ceramic foam filters will be more extensive.

Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3
Ceramic Foam Filter Al2O3 Features:
Effectively remove the inclusions and reduce the scrap rate.
Improve surface quality and product performance.
Improve microstructure.
Alumina ceramic foam filter selection and using
In general, choose alumina ceramic foam filter should take into account the requirements of finished product quality, the flow capacity of the molten aluminum tank, the amount of the total filtration of molten aluminum and aluminum liquid cleanliness and other factors.
1. Clean the filter box.
2. Gently put the filter into the filter box, and press the gasket around the filter to prevent the molten aluminum to flow from the side.
3. Even preheat filter box and filter plates, closer to the temperature of molten aluminum casting.
4. Observe aluminum liquid hydraulic head change, the normal initial pressure head is 75-150 mm. When the Alumina liquid began to pass, the pressure head will be reduced to 25 mm below, then the pressure head will gradually increase.
5. After filtration, timely remove the filter plate, clean the filter box.