Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filter

Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filter(CFF) System employs dedicated ceramic foam filter to remove inclusions which are generated between the refining system and the mold table.
The ability of the ceramic foam filter to capture these inclusions is critical to maintaining a clean ingot during the solidification of metal.
Accordingly, the quality and the productivity in downstream operations such as forging, extruding, and rolling are guaranteed.

When used in combination with our Liquid Aluminum Refining System, our guarantee is a highly inclusion-free product for forging, extruding, and rolling operations.

Filter Unit – Built to withstand the rigors of the aluminum cast house environment.
Adtech Filter Unit is fabricated using structural steel plate and is fully welded.
The insulating lining is designed to minimize the heat loss through the walls of the filter unit and to make for easy emptying and draining of the unit.
The size of the filter unit is dependent on the flow rate of the aluminum into the casting table.
The design also considers the ease of emptying and draining of the unit after a cast and incorporates the concept of adjustable leg heights.

Refractory – Design characteristics of the refractory include low thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, dimensional stability at operating temperatures, high mechanical strength throughout the refractory thickness, excellent non-wetting properties, easy to clean, low hydroscopic, and lower density than molten aluminum.

Ceramic Foam Filter – Made from alumina, Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filter maintains its high strength and its excellent resistance to chemical wear through the cast.
The pore network within the filter provides a large surface area for inclusion entrapment. Filter dimensions range from 15, 17, to 23 inches and pores size from 20 to 60 ppi.
For high cleanliness requirements, double filters are available having two pore sizes.

Expandable Gasket – Tight contact with the filter box is achieved with an expandable gasket which creates a contact seal preventing leaking of the molten aluminum between the filter and the filter box.

Zirconia Ceramic Filter

Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filter

Preheating Devices –Preheating of the Zirconia Ceramic Filter and the box is achieved by efficient burners.
These pre-heating burners meet international standards and efficiently heat the filter and filter box to prevent freezing at the start of the cast.
Even and uniform heat dispersion is achieved by the Filtrex lid which is pneumatically actuated and heated electrically.
Both advantages ensure complete heat priming and sealing of the expandable gasket.

Control Panel – A control panel is provided with the necessary switches and controllers for control of the preheating, for feedback of the thermocouple and alarm signals, and for the inert atmosphere cover gas (if used).

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