Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum Manipulation
Working manipulations with ceramic foam filters should be carried out taking into account their fragility. When handling filters, it is preferable to work without gloves. After removing the product from the boxes, it is necessary to easily tap and blow it with a stream of compressed air to remove possible fine ceramic chips.

When choosing the size, shape and porosity of the filters, it is necessary to comply with the applicable principles and rules that take into account the required filtering ability, casting speed and the installation location of the filter. To provide technical assistance on this issue, please contact the commercial and technical department of the company or the representative office of the company in a particular country.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum must not be machined. The shape and dimensions of the products must correspond to the installation site in the gate system cell, in the profit funnel. In the absence of a collar for installing the filter, the product can be made with a slope for its fit, which will facilitate its exit to the surface after casting.

Before using Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum, in order to eliminate the risk of their freezing, as well as to ensure the maximum speed of metal passage over the entire working surface, the products are subjected to forced heating using special equipment. You can use electric or gas heating. Heating should occur gradually and evenly over the entire surface. If the filter is equipped with an expansion sealing tape, then proper attention must be paid to the edges of the filter during heating. The filter, heated to a temperature of 350 – 400 ° C, is ready for use.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum

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