Indonesian Aluminum Industry Exhibition
Indonesia is a large economy in Southeast Asia, a member of the ASEAN and G20 Group, and will become the fifth BRICS. With a population of 230 million and more than 20 million overseas Chinese, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with huge market potential.
In recent years, the country’s political situation has been stable and friendly to China, and the market has shown great vitality. According to Morgan Stanley’s report, Indonesia’s economic aggregate will increase by 60% in the next five years, reaching 800 billion US dollars.
In 2010, the trade volume between China and Indonesia reached US$42.75 billion. In 2010, China and the ASEAN Free Trade Area were opened. The two sides have a population of 1.9 billion and a GDP of 6 trillion US dollars. The world is larger. Chinese companies enter ASEAN to enjoy zero tariffs. Indonesia is a large member of ASEAN and is a Chinese company. The preference of the ASEAN market.

With the rapid development of the Indonesian economy and the rapid development of industrial modernization, the demand for aluminum products is increasing. Large-scale construction in the fields of electricity, energy, telecommunications, oceans, oil and gas, etc., has generated huge demand for cables and pipelines.
The Indonesian government expects to invest 150 billion U.S. dollars in infrastructure in the next three to five years. The increase in demand for cables has also led to an increase in demand for cable materials. Indonesia’s demand for aluminum has changed from 140,000 tons to 150,000 tons last year, and the demand for copper has increased to 300,000 tons.
At present, the domestic supply of aluminum in Indonesia cannot meet the demand. The annual supply is only 50,000 tons, and it is shared by various industries in the national economy. Therefore, more than 80% of the aluminum in the cable manufacturing industry needs to be imported from abroad.
Indonesian Cable Manufacturers Association Chairman Noval Jamalullail said Indonesia’s aluminum cable production will increase by 20% from 150,000 tons to 180,000 tons by 2012. In 2012, our company will participate in the exhibition and meet the standards of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our company will assist in applying for “SMEs’ international market development fund subsidy”.

Ceramic Foam Filter

Raw materials, primary metal products, semi-finished products, semi-synthetic products: raw materials, working materials, supply materials, primary metal products, re-melting products, granulated metals, powdered metals, paste metals, wool fabrics, foamed objects, semi-finished products, and semi-finished products. Synthetic products, rolled metal: untreated, rolled metal: surface treated, composite products (metal sheet, strip foil), strip aluminum, round blanks, metal blocks, sheet blanks, extruded products : Untreated, extruded product: surface treated, (metal) rods, strips, tubes, wires, forged parts, mechanical components for impact extrusion, formed sheet metal parts, perforated sheets, plates, rods, aluminum ingots, Casting, gravity casting, die casting, thixotropic materials, powder metallurgy;

Aluminum products with different uses: construction, supporting components, decorative components, industrial buildings, building components (windows, household doors, gates, etc.), transportation (motor vehicle transportation, aviation, navigation, railway transportation), transporters /Vehicle exterior, transporter/vehicle interior, powertrain, transportation facility/guide system, other, electrical engineering, electronics, machinery and general engineering, design applications, kitchen, household products, furniture, garden, sports and fitness Equipment, other, plant equipment, materials, equipment, containers manufacturing;

Surface treatment: special surface treatment, polishing, metal anodizing, electroplating, oleic acid treatment, coating treatment, surface treatment and anti-corrosion technology equipment for aluminum products;

Plant equipment, machinery and accessories, aluminum separation, processing and refining equipment: raw material processing, initial reduction, melting, casting, heat treatment and cycle heat treatment technologies (including furnaces), refractories and insulators, rolling mill technology, extrusion and cutting, forging and Extrusion molding, sheet metal manufacturing technology, sawing, machining, metal processing, etc.;

Adtech factory is located in Wenxian, China. The company occupies more than 100 acres.  The Product including Alunima Foam Filter,Porous Ceramic Filter Plate,Zro2 Ceramic Foam Filter. The existing standardized factory and warehouse area is more than 20,000 square meters, the office building is 1988 square meters, and the registered capital is 12 million yuan.

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