Aluminium Foundry Alumina Reticulated Foam Filter

Reticulated Foam Filter System employs dedicated Aluminium Ceramic Foam Filter to remove inclusions which are generated between the refining system and the mold table. The ability of the ceramic foam filter to capture these inclusions is critical to maintaining a clean ingot during the solidification of metal. Accordingly, the quality and the productivity in downstream operations such as forging, extruding, and rolling are guaranteed.

At Adtech, the continual quest is to ensure that our customers receive the best technology available on the market to produce the highest quality billet, slab, or ingot for their customers. Our guarantee does not stop with our customer, but continues to our customer’s customer! Our technology guarantees conformance of casting quality for the most critical end-product applications.

Aluminium Foundry Alumina Reticulated Foam Filter uses good portiforium foam and high purity ceramic as raw material, can removes non-metal solid mixture from molten aluminium and aluminium alloy fusant effectively in your aluminium casting industry.

Aluminium Foundry Alumina Reticulated Foam Filter

Reticulated Foam Filter Advantages
Even aperture, high porosity, proper sinter, high strength of anti-flexing and anti-compression, effective filtering.

Reticulated Foam Filter Function
It is widely applied to the aluminium fusant filter equipment of continuous casting, half-continuous casting, gravity casting, and low pressure casting.
Aluminium Casting Foundry Alumina Reticulated Foam Filter are different from aperture specifications from 10 to 50ppi, with different sizes and shapes.

20-inch 40PPi filter plate, size 508mmx508mmx50mm.
Remove AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter, there is a very small amount of white powder in the cardboard.
The asbestos sealing edge around the AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter is of good quality and meets the requirements for use.
Reticulated Foam Filter-Light transmittance detection
Pick up AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter, compare it with the flashlight, and observe the uniformity of light transmission from the other side of the filter. No light transmission dead zone is found, and the light transmittance is checked to meet the requirements for use.

Reticulated Foam Filter-Purge
Purge the slag on the surface of AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter with compressed air.

Reticulated Foam Filter-Installation
Gently putAdTech Ceramic Foam Filter into the filter box, and press the sealing gasket around AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter by hand. The surrounding is compacted without gaps and sealed with refractory mud.

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