Slovenia China Foundry Filter is used in the application of aluminum melting and casting industry, and there are two main modes of application in the purification of deformed aluminum alloy melt.
1.In the aluminum alloy semi-continuous casting line, the melt is refined with flux spraying in the furnace, and the foam ceramic plate is used for filtering outside the furnace.
The ceramic filter plate is replaced every time it is cast. Today, some aluminum processing plants add a trough-type online deaerator before filtering to improve the purification effect.
2. In the continuous casting and rolling line, the replacement cycle is determined according to the pressure difference before and after the filter plate.
The size of the Fcri Ceramic Foam Filter used is determined according to the flow rate of the molten aluminum per unit time and the total amount of the molten aluminum.
The choice of foam ceramic filter plate with a large number of meshes and pores is determined according to the cleanliness requirements of the final aluminum liquid.
The higher the requirement for the cleanliness of the molten aluminum, the smaller the pore size selected.

At present, with the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of aluminum and aluminum alloy products, new requirements are also put forward for the filtration of aluminum liquid.

Slovenia China Foundry Filter

Slovenia China Foundry Filter allows the aluminum liquid to have good casting characteristics such as high purity, less floating impurities, and smooth flow rate of the aluminum liquid, so that the cast aluminum products have excellent physical and chemical properties and machining properties, so as to meet more demanding conditions of use. And extend the service life of aluminum products.

With the development of modern technology and the demand of modern industry, materials science, as the three pillar industries of the 21st century, is developing in the direction of high specific strength, high strength, high toughness and other comprehensive properties.
For a long time, cast aluminum alloys have achieved great development in industrial applications due to their low price, light weight, and reliable performance.
Especially with the increasingly urgent requirements for lightweight rail transit materials in recent years.
As the most widely used A356 aluminum alloy in cast aluminum alloys, it has good casting fluidity, good air tightness, small shrinkage rate and small hot cracking tendency. After modification and heat treatment, it has good mechanical properties, physical properties, and corrosion resistance. Compared with the steel wheel valley, the aluminum alloy wheel is lighter in weight, safer, comfortable, and energy-saving. It has been widely used in the automobile and aviation industry because of its better machining performance.

Slovenia is at the junction of the four major geographic regions of Europe: the Alps, the Dinara Mountains, the Middle Danube Plain, and the Mediterranean coast. The land area is 20,273 kilometers.

The mineral resources are poor, mainly mercury, coal, lead, zinc, etc.
Forest and water resources are rich, with a forest coverage rate of 49.7%. Although Slovenia’s forest coverage rate ranks high in the EU, the proportion of wood and its derivatives converted into green energy is not high, which is lower than the EU average of 0.7 percentage point.
In addition, there are 5,593 km² of grassland, 363 km² of orchards and 216 km² of vineyards in China.

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