Serbia China Foundry Filter filters out impurities and bubbles in the molten metal, purifies the metal liquid, and achieves a rectifying effect through filtration, which makes the molten metal flow more stable and prevents secondary oxidation.

There are generally two methods for smelting aluminum scrap
Twice smelting
1. Melt aluminum scraps into ingots (recycled ingots) and stack them according to their chemical composition.
2. When smelting, mix the regenerated ingot into the furnace to smelt the finished product.

The purpose of waste aluminum pretreatment technology is to realize the mechanization and automation of waste aluminum separation, maximize the removal of metal and non-metal impurities, and effectively separate waste aluminum.
The most ideal way to classify waste aluminum is to classify waste aluminum into several categories according to the main alloy components, such as alloy aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-zinc alloy, aluminum-silicon alloy, etc.
Serbia China Foundry Filter can reduce the difficulty of removing impurities and adjusting ingredients during the smelting process.
Comprehensive utilization of the alloy composition of scrap aluminum, especially aluminum scrap containing high zinc, copper, and magnesium should be stored separately and the aluminum alloy can be adjusted by smelting. The composition of raw materials.

Serbia China Foundry Filter filters

Advantages of Ceramic Foam Filter Food Lion Aluminum Foil
1. Removal of impurities and slag: purifying aluminum alloy melt.
2. The viscosity of the filtered aluminum alloy liquid is reduced, and the fluidity is increased by 10% ~ 15%.
Therefore, the filling capacity of the aluminum alloy melt can be improved by filtering. Before filtering, the flow of aluminum alloy fluid is turbulent, and after filtering, it becomes laminar (the curvature of the ceramic foam filter is curved in the flow path), thereby reducing the volume of air and two types of slagging.
3. In the filtering process, the filtering mechanism filters from the sieve and the filter cake to the deep layer. The purity of the filtered aluminum alloy is getting higher and higher (not exceeding the maximum filtering capacity of the ceramic foam filter).
4. Reduced the scrap rate of aluminum rods, aluminum ingots and aluminum foil;
5. Improve the cutting performance of parts;
6. The mechanical properties of composite materials, especially elongation, have been significantly improved.

Serbia is a landlocked country located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.
Serbia has a total land area of ​​88361 square kilometers (including Kosovo), and its capital is Belgrade.
It borders Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania, and one-fifth of the Danube, the second largest river in Europe, flows through its borders.

Serbia’s main mineral resources include coal (reserves 9.28 billion tons), natural gas (reserves 4.35 billion tons), iron, zinc, copper (reserves 2.71 billion tons), lithium (reserves 730 million tons), molybdenite (reserves 2.85 billion tons), etc. , The forest coverage rate is 25.5%, and the water resources are abundant.

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