Belgium China Foundry Filter can not only effectively eliminate the larger oxidized inclusions in the molten aluminum, but also filter out the fine inclusions of a few microns that cannot be removed by the traditional process.
Because the hydrogen atoms, sodium, potassium and other harmful ions in the aluminum liquid are often adsorbed on the inclusions, the inclusions can become the core of the formation of bubbles, so while filtering the inclusions, these harmful elements in the aluminum liquid can also be reduced.
The ceramic foam filter plate filters out many small inclusions, thereby reducing the required effective crystal nucleus for the solidification of molten aluminum, thereby promoting the growth of molten aluminum nucleation under relatively large supercooling conditions, which can be refined and structured.

Ceramic filter plates used in aluminum casting plants, which have a unique three-dimensional interconnected network framework structure, with a through-hole rate of up to 80% ~ 90%, strong adsorption capacity, low filtration resistance and high filtration efficiency.
The effect can be achieved by filter cake effect, deep bed effect and distillation scum effect. Filter out large slag particles and micron-sized (10 ~ 40m) small inclusions in the molten aluminum.
By reducing the number of effective crystal nuclei in the molten aluminum, the molten aluminum can be nucleated and grown under larger supercooling conditions. The grain structure is refined and the sensitivity to internal defects of the alloy is reduced.

Belgium China Foundry Filter

Aluminium Cff can be divided into two categories by size
1. The unevenly distributed large inclusions in the macrostructure make the alloy structure discontinuous, reduce the compactness of the casting, and become the source of corrosion and cracks, thereby greatly reducing the strength and plasticity of the alloy.
2. The fine and scattered inclusions cannot be completely removed after refining. They increase the viscosity of molten metal and reduce the feeding capacity of molten aluminum during solidification.

With the accumulation of this knowledge, the process engineers of the ceramic foam filter China factory can better improve and transform the product quality, and manufacture online degassing devices and CFF devices that meet customer needs.
Therefore, Norwegian Aluminum Company is satisfied with the quality of the ceramic foam filter products of the Chinese factory, and recommends the method of purchasing ceramic foam filters to other casting aluminum companies in Europe

Belgium is located in western Europe, with the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the south and west, and the North Sea to the northwest. The land area is 30528 square kilometers (including the enclave in the Netherlands-Bale-Eldon), the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone are 3462 square kilometers, and the coastline is 66.5 kilometers long.

Belgium is poor in natural resources and highly dependent on foreign resources. There are still a small amount of iron, zinc, lead, and copper.
As of 2014, Belgian coal reserves are 3.7 billion tons, of which 1.8 billion tons are worth mining. Since the 1980s, major coal mines in Belgium have ceased mining.
In addition, there are a small amount of iron, zinc, lead, copper, etc. The forest area accounts for 23% of the country’s land area.
Belgium’s crude oil and natural gas are totally dependent on imports, and the import dependence of primary energy consumption is close to 80%, which is significantly higher than the EU average.
There are 7 nuclear power plants, accounting for 65% of the total power generation. The forest and green area cover an area of ​​6,070 square kilometers (2002).

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