Hungary China Foundry Filter is a key technology in the production of aluminum foil blanks. It is the prerequisite and guarantee for processing high-quality double zero aluminum foil. It has a profound impact on the quality and yield of ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil.

Features of Hungary China Foundry Filter
Reduce gas and inclusions in castings.
Reduce the turbulence of molten metal.
Reduce surface defects of castings.
The rejection rate of castings is greatly reduced.
Improve the compressive strength of castings.
Improve the elongation and tensile strength of castings.
Improve the surface finish of castings.
Improve the fluidity of molten metal.
Improve the filling capacity and feeding capacity of the melt.
Reduce machining time and tool wear, and improve the surface quality of castings.

Hungary China Foundry Filter

Engineers from Hungary Aluminum talked about the advantages of the application
1. It can effectively remove a large number of inclusions in the aluminum melt, and can effectively absorb a small amount of inclusions.
2. No debris falls off, effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum.
3. It has excellent thermal shock resistance and improves the erosion resistance of molten metal.
4. Improve the appearance and performance of the surface and purify molten aluminum.
Hungary Aluminum Company recommends that Adtech aluminum foam filters be used in other aluminum plants in Finland to improve the purity of molten aluminum.

When using the new metal foam filter, slightly larger inclusions in the molten aluminum may pass through the holes of the ceramic filter plate. These “large particle” inclusions inherit and affect the inherent quality of the blank.
After the ceramic foam filter has been used for a period of time, some fine particles of impurities will be adsorbed in its pores.
Since the filtering capacity of molten aluminum does not gradually increase, the adsorbed particles continue to accumulate in the pores of the Ceramic Filter Foundry, making the pores of the filter plate smaller, thereby improving the filtering effect.
However, when the amount of impurities adsorbed by the filter plate is large enough to block the holes of the filter plate, the filtering effect begins to decrease, and the quality of the cast-rolled slab decreases accordingly.
It can be seen from the test pinholes that the secondary filter plate can remove the fine particles in the aluminum melt and has a better purification effect on the aluminum melt.

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