The greater the thickness of the Slovakia China Foundry Filter, the better the strength of the filter, the higher the efficiency of deep metal filtration of Molten Aluminum Filter, and of course the higher the cost of use. Considering the most suitable filtration strength and filtration efficiency, it is recommended to use a 50mm thick filter.

Melting Aluminum Molten Aluminum Filter Medium is mainly used in the casting process to purify the as-cast alloy liquid, reduce or eliminate various non-metallic inclusions and exhaust problems in the casting process.
Casting waste caused by casting defects such as non-metallic inclusions accounts for up to 50%-60% of the total waste.
When various costs increase, the damage caused by the external environment and the outflow of excess waste can be predicted, and the inclusion of defects not only seriously drags down the mechanical properties and casting performance of the casting, but also has a harmful effect on the cutting process and the appearance of the casting.

Slovakia China Foundry Filter can not only effectively remove a large amount of foreign impurities in molten aluminum, but also filter out small inclusions of a few microns that cannot be removed by traditional processes. Since harmful ions such as hydrogen atoms in liquid aluminum are often adsorbed on inclusions, and the inclusions can become the core of bubble formation, the harmful gases in the liquid aluminum can be reduced while filtering the inclusions.
Manufacturers of molten aluminum ceramic foam filter elements will adopt a relatively complete set of measures to ensure product stability and ensure that the strength, through-hole rate, geometric dimensions, appearance quality, and physical and chemical properties of the final product meet the standards.
In production, in order to achieve a better filtering effect, the aluminum liquid upstream of the filter must have a certain degree of cleanliness, that is, the upstream aluminum liquid can be treated with traditional gas dehydrogenation or flux.

Slovakia is located in the interior of central Europe and the eastern part of the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. It is a landlocked country, bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the southwest, and the Czech Republic to the west.
With an area of ​​49037 square kilometers, it ranks 27th in 43 European countries, which is equivalent to the area of ​​Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is 428 kilometers long from east to west and 226 kilometers wide from north to south.

Slovakia China Foundry Filter

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