Bulgaria China Foundry Filter can filter non-metallic impurities and oxide film (commonly known as slag) in molten aluminum.
Choose a ceramic filter plate and observe its color.
Pure color, variegated color, uniform material.
On the other hand, hold the filter plate with one hand, tap the filter plate gently, and tap the filter plate appropriately.
The ceramic slag is continuously lost. The inferiority of the filter plate is obvious, and the aluminum liquid causes secondary pollution.
Use open flame and electric heating to burn to red, and immediately cool to room temperature without tilting or wearing. It is said to be a good filter plate.

AdTech has a complete quality control system for ceramic foam filters, including technical standards, testing equipment and testing methods to achieve product quality control requirements.
The molten aluminum foam ceramic filter plate is a new type of filter plate made of industrial sponge as a carrier, filled with heat-resistant ceramics and then sintered.

Due to the combined action of the axial pressure, friction and surface adsorption of the molten aluminum, it is retained on the inner surface of the ceramic filter plate and the gap cavity, thereby separating the slag and the molten aluminum.

Cast aluminum and aluminum alloys are aluminum castings produced by casting methods. Deformed aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed products produced by pressure processing methods.
The quality of aluminum ingot raw materials directly affects the quality and production efficiency of aluminum alloy die castings.
Good raw materials can reduce mold wear, extend mold life, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency.

Bulgaria China Foundry Filter

Bulgaria Aluminium introduces Bulgaria China Foundry Filter from China has the following advantages
1. The alumina foam ceramic filter effectively removes solid inclusions in molten metal, so that aluminum alloy can be smoothly forged, aluminum foil manufacturing, extrusion processing, etc., and perfect aluminum can be obtained.
2. The ceramic foam filter can reduce the turbulence of the molten aluminum and purify the molten aluminum.
3. The filtered and purified aluminum castings can significantly extend the service life of parts with high demand such as aviation and auto parts, and also have a good effect on aluminum parts that require surface polishing.
4. Foam ceramic filters also play an important role in traditional aluminum industry, electrical aluminum industry and continuous casting and rolling processes.

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