Molten Aluminum Filter Ampo Spain Foundry is mainly used for the melt filtration of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It has high-efficiency filtration of slag, oxide scale, non-metallic inclusions, and aluminum liquid gate groove coating to solve the sensitivity of aluminum and aluminum alloys to internal defects. trouble.
The production process and unique detection methods make Sic ceramic foam filters have high pore size ratio, uniform pore structure and high surface resistance.
Can provide 7 to 26 inches and the highest 70ppi mesh filter plate.
AdTech has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system certification.

Molten Aluminum Filter Ampo Spain Foundry

The difference between Molten Aluminum Filter Ampo Spain Foundry and ordinary filter plates is that the aperture ratio of high-flow filter plates is 90%, while that of ordinary filter plates is only 40%.
The same specifications of the same specifications of the ceramic foam filter plate, the large flow filter plate is three times the filtration capacity of the ordinary filter plate.
When using a large flow filter, there is no need to replace the super large filter plate and filter box, and the original size filter box is still used, and high-quality aluminum water can be obtained by only changing the mesh number of the filter plate.

Molten Aluminum Filter production method
The folding production process takes the three-dimensional network structure and the organic foam sponge connected with the pores as the carrier, invades it into a special ceramic suspension with thixotropy, and uses a special rolling extrusion process to evenly spread the ceramic suspension on the carrier skeleton. It is then dried and solidified, and then cooked at high temperature.

Uses of Molten Aluminum Filter
It can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum and adsorb micron-sized particles of inclusions, which can improve surface quality, product performance, microstructure, and performance.
It is widely used in the production of aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, and aluminum alloys.

Thermal shock resistance of Molten Aluminum Filter
Thermal shock resistance refers to the resistance of the alumina filter plate to damage caused by rapid temperature changes. During the use of the alumina filter plate.
We require users to gradually preheat the filter plate to the temperature of the filtered aluminum melt before use, but some users do not follow this very well when using it.
It is stipulated that after the filter plate is placed, the melt filtration does not need to be preheated, so the filter plate is required to have a certain degree of thermal shock resistance. The better the thermal shock resistance, the more durable the filter plate and the better the quality.

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