Spain Ceramic Foam Filter uses organic foam with a three-dimensional network structure and connected pores as a carrier, invades it into a special thixotropic ceramic slurry, and adopts a special roll extrusion process to make the ceramic slurry evenly spread on the skeleton of the carrier It is then dried and cured and then baked at high temperature.

Advantages of Spain Ceramic Foam Filter
Using the principle of filtration and adsorption, most of the content in molten aluminum can be effectively removed, and solid impurities can be effectively adsorbed.
The damaged slag will not fall off, effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum.
Good thermal shock, improve the corrosion resistance of molten metal.
Automatic flow manufacturing, calibration steps, precision size, firmly fit the filter equipment.
Improve the appearance and performance of the surface and purify molten aluminum.

AdTech ceramic foam filter uses good foam and high-purity ceramics as raw materials, which can effectively remove non-metallic solid mixtures from molten aluminum and aluminum alloy flux in the aluminum casting industry.

Spain Ceramic Foam Filter

Spain Ceramic Foam Filter is widely used in continuous casting, semi-continuous casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting aluminum casting filter device.

Ceramic foam filter Dimention

Ceramic foam fitler Pore Size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

Spain Aluminium factory introduced that the filter must be preheated before use.
The filter plate is completely sealed in the aluminum water filter box, so that all the aluminum water passes through the filter plate, and the total amount of filtration does not exceed the specified limit. If the amount of slag in aluminum is too large, multi-stage ceramic filter plates should be used. Spain Aluminium purchased the filter plate through with stable performance and quality, and promoted this product to other aluminum continuous casting plants in Spain.

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