Molten Aluminum Cff is the most effective and reliable means to remove non-metallic inclusions in aluminum melt, and is the most effective filtering method.

The deep bed filter is large in size, it takes time and effort to install and replace the filter medium, and it is only suitable for the production of large quantities of single alloys.
In this device, the aluminum liquid flows downwards, and a vent plug is added to the center of the bottom of the device to add inert gas. A gas lift pump is formed with the aluminum liquid ascending tube above the vent plug, and the outlet metal level can be adjusted. The purpose is to improve the filtration efficiency while More effective use of filter balls, this device is small and compact, easy to fill, empty and move.

Molten Aluminum Cff

The corundum tube filter has high filtration efficiency, but it is more expensive and inconvenient to use, and it has more applications in Japan. Southwest Aluminum has developed corundum tube filters in the 1980s, but due to unstable assembly quality and other reasons, the filtering effect is unstable and was no longer used in the 1990s. The technology has seen further development in recent years.
On the contrary, Molten Aluminum Cff is widely used all over the world due to its ease of use, good filtering effect and low price.
More than 50% of aluminum alloy melts in developed countries are filtered with foam ceramic filter plates.
The technology is developing rapidly. In order to meet the requirements of high-quality products on the quality of the melt, the pore size of the filter plate is getting thinner.

Molten Aluminum Cff from AdTech China has developed from 15, 20, 30, 40, 50ppi to 60, 70ppi, and there are many new varieties available. The more promising one is Selee’s composite filter plate, which is divided into The upper and lower two layers, the pore size of one inch thick on the upper side is larger, and the pore size of the lower one inch thick is smaller. The varieties are 30/50, 30/60, 30/70ppi, etc. The composite filter is more efficient than the ordinary filter plate, and the amount of metal passed Bigger.
The other is the new wave high surface filter plate produced by Vesuvius Hi-Tech Ceramics. The surface area of ​​this filter plate is 30% more than that of the traditional filter plate, and the metal throughput has increased.

For products with higher quality requirements, two-stage Ceramic Filter For Foundry is generally used in developed countries. The pore size of the first stage filter plate is thicker, and the pore size of the latter stage filter plate is finer, such as 30/50, 30/60ppi, or even 40/ 70 configuration, etc., Southwest China Aluminum also uses 30/50ppi two-stage foam ceramic filter plates to filter the melt of double zero aluminum thin, PS board base, can making materials, etc. The two-stage insulation filter box designed and manufactured by itself has been installed A filter plate can produce 7 melting times continuously, which greatly reduces the filtration cost.

two-stage Ceramic Filter For Foundry

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