Molten Aluminum Filtering Medium reduces oxidized slag inclusions in remelted aluminum, purifies AL melt, increases output, reduces inclusions in castings, reduces internal reoxidation defects, and reduces processing surface defects.

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Molten Aluminum Filtering Medium is the most commonly used ceramic foam filter in the aluminum casting industry.
Ordinary aluminum castings usually use 10-40ppi ceramic filter plates.
Aviation and high-quality aluminum materials usually use 30-60ppi ceramic filter plates.

Mozal Aluminium recommends the use of aluminum casting filters, which use 100% scrap to produce 6063 alloy.
First, follow the conventional melting and casting process, but half of the gold chips are filtered out, and the other half are not filtered.
It was found that a large number of non-metallic inclusions were removed from the filtered ingot.
The conclusion drawn in the extrusion test is that under the same surface quality, the extrusion speed of the filtered wool is increased by 20%, the extrusion force is reduced by 3%, and the total comprehensive productivity is correspondingly increased by 15%. .
Even if it is extruded at a higher temperature, the average surface roughness of the profile after filtration will be reduced by about 10%.

Adtech produces and sells high-precision online degassing filter equipment, high-absorbency ceramic filter plates and auxiliary products, such as casting nozzle plates, thermosetting accessories and other high-end equipment, as well as new materials widely used in high precision. Aluminum deep processing industry.
The company’s products are widely used in high-precision aluminum deep processing industries: rail transit (body), automobiles (all aluminum and some aluminum parts), military (aluminum military parts), aviation (aircraft wings, cabins, seats), electronics Products (mobile phones, computer boxes, etc.), household (medicine foil, cigarette foil, rice foil, furniture, household appliances), solar energy and other aluminum alloy high-temperature purification filtration.

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Molten Aluminum Filtering Medium

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