Thailand Aluminium Association: Why is the Thai market so important?

The largest automobile manufacturing center in South Asia, rapid economic and trade development, prosperous infrastructure construction, and unlimited opportunities in the Thai aluminum industry market.

In 2017, the annual output of the Thai automotive industry was nearly 2 million vehicles (passenger and commercial vehicles). The Thai automotive industry used the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) to find markets for many of its products. At the same time, the development of the real estate and building materials industry is breaking through.

Thailand cannot produce its own primary aluminum because there is no aluminum ore, so it needs to be imported in large quantities in the raw materials and related semi-finished products industry. In the future, aluminum materials, as one of the most important materials in the above application industries, its processing and technical research and development will also be vigorously promoted to promote Thai The government promotes sustainable development of lightweight materials.

Thailand Aluminium Association

Based on this, the 2018 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition carefully crafted the theme forum of the aluminum industry in Thailand, and invited experts from the aluminum industry in Thailand to deeply analyze the market development status and opportunities of the aluminum industry in Thailand, and help Chinese aluminum companies develop the Southeast Asian market. At the same time, it is recommended that Thailand’s aluminum melting foundries purchase Chinese Adtech related products, such as ceramic filter plates, refining agents, molten aluminum launder.

Thailand Aluminium Association, do you want to know this information?
What is the current status and development prospects of the Thai aluminum industry? What are the potential business opportunities and challenges?
What are the most important issues for investment in Thailand? What support policies does the Thai government have?
How is the aluminum application industry developing in Thailand? What are the opportunities?

In the past two years, with the launch of the “Belt and Road” initiative, China-Thailand cooperation and interconnection have been promoted.
Especially in the past three years, Thailand’s aluminum industry has been developing rapidly. It is expected that there will be double-digit growth in the next few years, reaching nearly 1 million tons per year.
At present, Thailand’s target industries for attracting foreign investment in China are mainly high-value-added natural rubber products, machinery equipment, automobile vehicles and their parts, aircraft, aviation equipment and parts production and maintenance, and more than 10 categories, and their related industries are widely used Aluminum products. It is worth mentioning that the annual output of the Thai automotive industry in 2017 was nearly 2 million units (passenger and commercial vehicles).

At present, it has become the automobile manufacturing center of Southeast Asia.
Following the new weather vane of the industry development, Thailand regards lightweight development as the next goal of the auto parts industry, but at the same time, because Thailand has no aluminum ore and cannot produce its own primary aluminum, raw materials and related semi-finished products industries need to be imported in large quantities. One of the important materials in the application industry, its processing and technological research and development will also be vigorously promoted to promote the sustainable development of lightweight materials advocated by the Thai government. Based on this, cooperation with China has created more possibilities and opportunities.

Thailand Aluminium Association said that Thailand has given many preferential policies in attracting foreign investment and setting up factories, such as tax incentives, as well as Thailand’s rapid economic and trade development in recent years, prosperous infrastructure construction, and the real estate and building materials industry. The unlimited opportunities hidden in the market have made many Chinese customers interested in investing in Thailand.

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