AdTech: the power of Chinese industry far exceeds your imagination

In the past, Chinese manufacturing can be said to be a derogatory term.

In the eyes of the people of the world, Chinese manufacturing means low-cost cottage products.

made in china

Many years have passed, and China is developing rapidly.

The world is visible to all, and Chinese industry has risen.

China is also the only country in the world with a complete industrial system.

China can produce all the products that it needs, as well as the world.


Modern industrial system

All industries can be divided into

39 industrial categories

191 medium classes

525 subcategories


China has 525 subcategories

Become the only country in the world with all the industrial categories in the UN industry classification

If a manufacturer can make a half-hour phone call in China

It may take half a month to get it in other countries.

The most powerful industries in the developed world, the United States, Japan and Germany

However, none of them have a comprehensive industrial system.

Division of labor in high-end manufacturers compared to developed countries in Europe and America

China has almost all of these high-end manufacturing

And many are still in the leading position in the world.

The power of Chinese industry is far beyond your imagination.

Some people may ask: Why is China’s industry so comprehensive?

The most important reason is: the long-term blockade of Europe and the United States against China!

Want to develop an industry

Especially the development of other countries already have advanced technology industries.

The price is very large

Because not only does it require a lot of talent and technology to precipitate

And the cost of research and development is very high


If it is not a long-term blockade of China by European and American countries

Then China is afraid that there is no determination to develop a complete industrial system.

Because that price is too big.

Today, China’s powerful industry has established itself as an international power.

With the transformation and upgrading of China’s industry

More and more high-tech products will be made into “cabbage prices”

The title of China’s “Developed country Crusher” will be deserved

The high-end manufacturing industry in the United States will become increasingly poor in hematopoietic capacity.

AdTech since its inception in 2012

High-temperature filtration and purification of new materials in the aluminum alloy casting industry

AdTech insists on making good products with good circulation

In this process, the power of the individual is small

But the power of the collective and the team is truly amazingly powerful.

The AdTech team is constantly asking experts in the aluminum alloy foundry industry

To create a strong team quality and product quality with higher requirements


With the strength of the motherland’s industry, AdTech worked hard

Pushing aluminum alloy smelting filtration and purification materials to dozens of countries and regions

The ceramic filter board has a much higher search ranking on Google than the well-known brands at the beginning of the US P and S.

And has established a cooperative relationship with the top ten factories in the world for aluminum alloy casting production.


Big and no work, no epee

The strength of the motherland industry has made the creation of the AdTech brand.

Control of product quality, improvement of management system, creation of R&D team

These have laid the foundation for the branding of AdTech’s online filtration and degassing equipment.


AdTech will be the provider and solver of casting aluminum alloy purification solutions worldwide

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