Foundry Ceramic Filters Agent is an intermediary company that trades Foundry Ceramic Filters with aluminum smelting and casting plants in the country, and owns the ownership of the products in the process of buying and selling products.

Foundry Ceramic Filters are installed in the filter box to filter and purify aluminum alloy liquid impurities. It is a very important part of the aluminum purification system.

ADTECH is one of the followers of the international enterprise, which has been focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical materials.
1. Ceramic foam filter
2. Degassing device
3. Filter box
4. Hot Top Casting Series
5. Die casting nozzle
6. Flux series
7. Other metallurgical materials

Foundry Ceramic Filters Agent is ADTECH’s traditional channel and backbone channel in the world market, and it is undergoing the test of channel flattening and new channel power. Under tremendous pressure, distributors have passively or actively adjusted their business development strategies. Adjustment.

ADTECH maximizes access to high-quality product resources, shares operating costs and operating risks with products, and pursues the category scale of business operations.

Alumina ceramic foam filter is eager to represent more good brand products, or have greater regional agency rights, because of the large number of orders from aluminum smelting and foundries.
Then, you must consider whether your financial arrangements and personnel arrangements are in place, and meet the manufacturer’s requirements as much as possible.

Some agents may consider operating costs and profit margins, and find ways to increase the agency rights of alumina ceramic foam filter media factories in China.

They believe that this can save more warehousing, travel, wages and other costs, and save more profits for multiple brands.
However, the corresponding warehouse costs and personnel costs are increasing, but the profit points have not increased correspondingly. On the contrary, this resulted in the inability to quickly turn in funds, the backlog of inventory, and the lack of funds to buy the best-selling brands, almost losing the agency qualifications, and having to use real estate, cars and other mortgage loans to maintain capital turnover.

Foundry Ceramic Filters Agent

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