Buy Asian Foundry Filters for the purification of aluminium casting process in the casting factory.

Eliminates turbulence in the metal stream, Smoothes out metal flow, avoiding sprays, splatter and backset. Improve fluidity, castability, machinability, yield and cost-effective.

Buy Asian Foundry Filters
It can effectively remove large inclusions in aluminum liquid and adsorb micron-sized fine inclusion particles to improve surface quality, improve product performance, improve microstructure and improve yield.
Widely used in the production fields of aluminum profiles, aluminum foils, and aluminum alloys.

Asian Foundry Filters Instructionsc
1.Clean the Casting filter box.
2.Gently put the filter plate into the casting filter box and press the sealing gasket around the filter plate by hand to prevent the aluminum liquid from flowing.
3.Evenly preheat the casting filter box and filter plate to bring it close to the temperature of the aluminum liquid. Preheat to remove moisture and facilitate initial transient filtration. Preheating can be carried out using electrical or gas heating. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15–30 minutes.
4.Pay attention to the change of aluminum hydraulic head during casting. The normal starting pressure head is 100-150mm. When the aluminum liquid begins to pass, the pressure head will drop below 75–100mm, and then the pressure head will slowly increase.
5.During the normal filtration process, avoid knocking and vibrating the filter plate. At the same time, the launder should be filled with aluminum water to avoid too much disturbance of the aluminum water.
6. After the filtration is finished, remove the filter plate in time and clean the filter box.

Buy Asian Foundry Filters

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