Ceramic Filter Foundry Agent is authorized to sell ceramic foam filters, degassing devices, filter boxes and roll casting nozzles to local fast melting foundries.

Adtech recruits ceramic filter agents through www.adtechamm.com and sales@adtechamm.com.
It can not only prevent price wars and merchandise escape, but also condense the centripetal force of the sales network and enhance the influence of the terminal.
Therefore, the most important thing among the various products distributed by merchants is to consider the combination of products.
In this way, when selling, not only can mutually pull and promote sales, but also can use the complementarity between products to adjust the speed of commodity turnover and speed up the return of funds.
The more comprehensive a distributor’s product portfolio is, the more it can enhance channel operation capabilities, generate economies of scale, save costs and create profits.

The Ceramic Filter Foundry Agent should perform the following tasks
1. Visit peers or competitors;
2. Visit its downstream or direct end customers;
3. Personally visit the bosses of potential dealers to understand their thoughts directly;
4. Visit the branch/store of the distributor, understand and observe its operation, and try to talk with the employee sales manager;
5. Act as a third-party customer and directly test the dealer’s sales and service capabilities.

The choice of agents must conform to the company’s development strategy.
AdTech is in a period of rapid development. It chooses aggressive agents and active business agents.
If the agent has been doing business locally for more than 10 years, then we will give priority to you.

Ceramic Filter Foundry Agent

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