Foundry Filter Agent can sell competitive Foundry Filter to aluminum rod and aluminum ingot casting plants in this country.

Adtech is recruiting competent agents through the email
ADTECH is one pioneer following by the International Enterprise, who keeps focusing on the manufacture of the metallurgical material.
1.Ceramic Foam Filter
2.Degassing Unit
3.Filter Box
4.Hot-top casting series
5.Roll casting nozzle
6.Flux series
7.Other Metallurgical Material

Foam Furnace Filter Factory

Foundry Filter Agent should meet the following conditions, Adtech can give generous product support and 20% profit margin.
1. Set up a sales team
Agents should pay attention to the cultivation and use of talents, boldly introduce talents, and do not care about short-term profit loss.

2. Clear target schedule type
Agents clearly know the market, schedule, time, and method they want, and effectively use a series of feasible measures to achieve the goals and execution plans they set, gradually decompose the big goals into countless small goals, and gradually break them.

3. There are endless types of marketing actions
At the beginning of the year, the agent had already formulated a one-year action plan for this year, and what to do every quarter and every month.
As the market changes, he will follow the changes. Everything revolves around the market and customers, and he is ahead of the manufacturers. Not only can he make the marketing actions implemented by the manufacturers flourish, but more importantly, his own area has been successful. In hope, other regional agents can only choose to imitate.

Foundry Filter Agent

4. Focus on image shaping
Agents are especially sensitive to details. If some small details make mistakes, they must go deep into it. They must meet their own requirements. He is a perfectionist.
He not only pays attention to his own image, but also the image of the product and the image of the personnel. There is no reason for such an agent to fail the market.

5. Perfect rules and regulations
After the scale is expanded, if there is a system, it is necessary to act according to the system, so that management will be easier.

6. Know where the profit is
Don’t care about the height of overall sales, pay more attention to the source of profit.
The agent knows where his profit source is.
Which money should be spent, must be spent without hesitation.
And it will be spent on ideas, what money should not be spent, and the catch is not leaking.

7. Loyalty is permanent
If an agent represents a certain brand, it will not give up easily.
Such an agent can live and die with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will also work with him.

8. Good news frequently
He rarely hears information from agents, and all he hears are miracles created by him. He is able to complete the plan every year. Many problems are not a problem in his eyes, and any problem can be solved.

9. Prescient in the market
Be sensitive to market changes and be prepared in time to take precautions.

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