Metal Foam Filter Agent feedbacks Spain Aluminium customers’ Molten Metal Filtration via email

Spain Aluminium uses filter plates to purify molten aluminum
After the use of ceramic foam filter plates to purify molten aluminum, the huge benefits brought by aluminum plate, foil and its products (such as can blanks, car finishing materials, PS printing plates, etc.) are also beneficial to downstream manufacturers of aluminum alloy profiles. , Has the following obvious advantages:
1. Improve extrusion productivity
When using the filter plate to purify the 6063 alloy extrusion billet, we have tracked and investigated a specific die and found that the extrusion speed increased by about 20%, and the productivity increased by nearly 15%.
2. Extend mold life and reduce the number of mold repairs.
3. Reduce extrusion force
When the 6063 alloy melt was purified with a filter plate, it was found that the extrusion force was reduced by 3% more than the unfiltered one.
4. Significantly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.
From the above. The use of ceramic foam filter plates to purify aluminum melt has great advantages in reducing production costs and improving product quality.

In casting production, casting waste caused by casting defects such as non-metallic inclusions generally accounts for 50% to 60% of the total number of waste products. The use of molten metal filtration technology can effectively reduce or eliminate various non-metallic inclusions and purify liquid casting alloys.

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