Al Fattah Aluminium Karachi Ceramic Foam Filter can remove the inclusions of molten aluminum in the aluminum smelter process, improve the structure of the casting, improve the processing performance, reduce the machining cost, and increase the qualification rate and mechanical properties of aluminum ingots and aluminum plates.

Oxides will appear in the process of pretreatment, smelting, refining, pouring and heat treatment. As long as the aluminum melt is in contact with oxygen, oxide inclusions will be formed.
Oxidized inclusions exist in the casting in the form of blocks, flakes and granules.
The nucleation and growth of oxide inclusions are affected by many factors, such as temperature, alloying elements and environmental humidity.
Temperature is the most important influencing factor, and rising accelerates the oxidation of aluminum melt.
Different alloying elements have different oxidation reaction rates, which depend on their contribution to the density of the oxide layer and the level of oxygen affinity.

The chemical composition of the non-metallic inclusions formed in the aluminum melt is very stable, and it is easy to cause cracks in the castings after solidification.
The presence of non-metallic inclusions makes it difficult to predict the mechanical properties of castings.
The influence of oxidized inclusions on the tensile properties of aluminum alloys, they believe that the main reason for the reduction of the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys.

Al Fattah Aluminium Karachi Ceramic Foam Filter is widely used in the production of large aluminum processing enterprises in Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Al Fattah Aluminium Karachi Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter, Ceramic Filter For Foundry, Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter are used in many country aluminium melting workshop, such as Philippines,Cambodia,Laos,Malaysia,Myanmar,Thailand,Brunei,Vietnam,Singapore,Indonesia,Pakistan,Bhutan,Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, SriLanka, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

The filtering principle of Ceramic Filter Cff
The filtering of aluminum alloy melt includes surface filtering and internal filtering.
Surface filtration means that solid impurities are mainly deposited on the surface of the filter medium.
Internal filtration means that the molten aluminum carries inclusions in the filter media along the tortuous channels and pores, which are directly intercepted, adsorbed, deposited, etc., collide with the pore wall and firmly adhere to the pore wall.
As the filtration progresses, the effective filtration section of the pores gradually decreases, the permeability decreases, and the filtration accuracy improves.
Ceramic Filter Cff and deep bed filtration belong to internal filtration, while tubular filtration belongs to dual capture of impurities on the surface and inside.

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