Ceramic Foam Filter Montenegro Aluminium Smelter uses foam and high-purity ceramics as raw materials to effectively remove non-metallic solid mixtures in aluminum flux and aluminum alloy flux.

Montenegro Aluminium Smelter is purchased through sales@adtechamm.com for continuous casting, semi-continuous casting, gravity casting and low pressure casting aluminum flux filtration equipment.
Montenegro Aluminium technicians believe that in the casting process, Ceramic Foam Filter Montenegro Aluminium Smelter is an effective tool to achieve the metallurgical purity of molten metal. The filter can also stabilize the filling of the mold, thereby preventing defective castings from appearing.

Adtech is constantly exploring to ensure that customers have access to the highest technology available in the market to produce the highest quality aluminum ingots, aluminum plates, etc. Our technology guarantees the adaptability of casting quality to the most important end product applications.

Ceramic Foam Filter Montenegro Aluminium Smelter

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Aluminum alloy is easily inhaled and oxidized during the casting process. Therefore, there are different degrees of gas and various non-metallic inclusions in the melt, leading to defects such as pores, pores and inclusions in the ingot.
Significantly reduce the mechanical properties, processing properties, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and anodic oxidation properties of aluminum, and even lead to product scrapping.

In addition to acceptable chemical composition and mechanical properties, acceptable internal quality and surface quality are also required.
However, due to the excess of gas and non-metallic inclusions, conventional smelting processes cannot fully meet these requirements.

Montenegro is mainly karst landform, with no grass growing in the barren mountains and ridges, and some arable land, such as the former capital Cetinje and Zeta Valley.
Bobotov Kuk Mountain in the north-central part of the country is the highest peak in the country with an altitude of 2,522 meters. The nearby Tara River has a gorge as high as 1,300 meters. The place is also listed as a World Heritage Site.
The eastern region is richer, with large areas of deep forest and grassland.
Only the coastal area is a long and narrow plain. The rivers flow in two opposite directions. The Pika, Tara and Lim rivers flow to the north; the Moraca and Zeta rivers flow to the south.
Among them, the Kotor Fjord in the northwest is the southernmost fjord in Europe. On the east bank of the fjord, there is the ancient city of Kotor, which is now listed as a World Heritage Site.
There are Durmitor National Park and Skadar Lake National Park.

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