Ceramic Foam Filter Kamensk Aluminium is a molten metal filter that can reduce casting defects in aluminum rods and ingots. It plays a vital role in the ceramic filter of the foundry and foundry industry. It is used to filter impurities in molten metal. Improve the quality and performance of the final product.
Even the smallest non-metallic impurities in the molten metal can have a destructive effect on the performance and strength of the finished metal.
This may cause the final product to fail to meet the necessary quality standards; ceramic filters play a vital role in removing these impurities and ensuring high-quality castings.

Ceramic Foam Filter Kamensk Aluminium uses high-purity ceramics as raw materials to effectively remove the non-metallic solid mixture of aluminum liquid and aluminum alloy flux in the aluminum casting industry.

Alumina ceramic foam filters are mainly used in the purification process of producing aluminum and aluminum alloys. With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of aluminum products, the application of alumina foam ceramic filters will become more and more extensive.

Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works (Russian abbreviation KUMZ) is one of Russia’s largest downstream companies. Founded in 1944, KUMZ is a manufacturer of aluminum, magnesium-based and aluminum-lithium alloy semi-finished products with a long history. Today, Kamensk Aluminium provides high-quality aluminum plates, various extruded products (bars and bars, different shapes of profiles and wide rail extruded plates, as well as aluminum tubes and drill pipes). KUMZ also specializes in forging materials, supplying die forgings, hand forgings, rolled rings, forged plates and bars.

KUMZ serves the Russian and CIS markets and global exports. Export sales cover North American markets (United States and Canada), South American markets (Brazil, Argentina), European markets (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, etc.) and Asian markets (China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, etc.).

KUMZ has many advantages:

On-site casting, to provide high-quality ingots for further manufacturing of semi-finished products;
In-house mold production allows the manufacture and maintenance of molds for extrusion and forging;
On-site R&D center.

Ceramic Foam Filter Kamensk Aluminium

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