Aluminium Foil Ceramic Foam Filter is a new type of ceramic foam filter molten metal filter developed in recent years, which can reduce casting defects. It plays a vital role in the ceramic filter of the casting and foundry industry. It is used to filter molten metal.的impurities. Improve the quality and performance of the final product.

Even the finest non-metallic impurities in the molten metal can have a destructive effect on the performance and strength of the finished metal. This may cause the final product to fail to meet the necessary quality standards; ceramic filters play a vital role in removing these impurities and ensuring high-quality castings.

Uses of Aluminium Foil Ceramic Foam Filter
Purify molten metal liquid
Simplify the gating system
Improve the metallurgical structure of castings
Reduce slag inclusion in castings
Improve casting qualification rate
Reduce internal reoxidation defects in castings
Reduce surface defects after casting

Aluminium Foil Ceramic Foam Filter

Advantages of Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium Foil
High strength, no loose ceramic particles or powder
Three-dimensional connected mesh structure, high porosity
Large slag collection surface area, large filter internal surface area
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Available in various sizes, shapes and apertures
Particles larger than the pore size are captured on the top of the ceramic foam filter
The smaller particles are captured by the filter cake formed by the larger particles
Fine particles are trapped in the pores of the filter

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