Ceramic Foam Filter Nadvoitsy Aluminium is used to filter liquid impurities in aluminum alloy to meet the production of aluminum alloy precision castings with high added value and high technical performance for aviation and transportation.

Ceramic Foam Filter Nadvoitsy Aluminium foam ceramic filter storage: should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent moisture, do not place any objects on it.

When the fluid passes through these micropores, the suspended solids, colloidal particles, polymer organic matter, etc. in the fluid are captured or adsorbed in the micropores in the road, so as to achieve the effect of uniform purification and filtration.

Ceramic Foam Filter Nadvoitsy Aluminium

The molten aluminum is required to have good casting characteristics such as high purity, less floating impurities, and smooth flow of the molten aluminum, so that the cast aluminum products have excellent physical and chemical properties and mechanical processing properties to meet higher requirements. Use conditions and extend the life of aluminum products.

Reuters, Moscow, August 6-RUSAL representatives said on Monday that the world’s largest aluminum producer outside Russia, Rusal, has begun to shut down production at a smaller factory due to the sanctions imposed on the company by the United States.

The company stated that the Nadvoitsky aluminum smelter in the Karelia region of Russia cannot continue to operate because since Washington imposed sanctions on Rusal on April 6, the plant has not been able to enter the end market and cannot obtain a stable supply of raw materials.

Pursuant to sanctions designed to punish Moscow for allegedly interfering in the 2016 US election, US customers must end their business with Rusal before October 23.

According to data from the State Monocity Development Foundation, the plant has 343 employees and is the main source of employment in the town of Nadvoitsy, 485 kilometers north of St. Petersburg.

“Despite (the shutdown), the employees of the factory will not be affected because the company will take a personal approach to arranging employees to work,” Rusal said, adding that employees will be offered jobs at another company and assisted in finding jobs elsewhere State, or provide a mutually agreed payment.

“The company… will provide everyone with the opportunity to continue working, mainly as part of a project to reshape Nadvoitsky and use the factory’s infrastructure to create a profitable business,” Rusal said.

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