Ceramic Filter Malaysia Aluminum produced by our company can effectively remove all kinds of impurities in the aluminum liquid, and the sealing ceramic fiber gasket is affixed around the filter plate, which helps to seal the filter plate in the filter box and ensure that there is no aluminum liquid from Side out.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter
AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Packaging quality
Each filter plate is packaged in a single cardboard box and is packed in 5 boxes.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter Size
20-inch 40PPi filter plate, size 508mmx508mmx50mm.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Slag
Remove AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter, there is a very small amount of white powder in the cardboard.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Sealed edge detection
The asbestos sealing edge around the AdTech Ceramic Foam Filters is of good quality and meets the requirements for use.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Light transmittance detection
Pick up AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter, compare it with the flashlight, and observe the uniformity of light transmission from the other side of the filter. No light transmission dead zone is found, and the light transmittance is checked to meet the requirements for use.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter-Purge
Purge the slag on the surface of AdTech Ceramic Foam Filters with compressed air.

Gently put Ceramic Filter Malaysia Aluminum into the filter box, and press the sealing gasket around AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter by hand. The surrounding is compacted without gaps and sealed with refractory mud.

Ceramic Filter Malaysia Aluminum

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