Foam Ceramic Filter Portugal Aluminum is used for the value and high technology of precision casting of aviation, transportation and other aluminum alloys. Such as: computer hard drives, PS printing bases, can-making materials, jet turbine engine fan blades and other products.

Foam Ceramic Filter Portugal Aluminum

Foam Ceramic Filter Portugal Aluminum is a kind of molten aluminum foam ceramic filter. It adopts a three-dimensional network structure, uses organic bubbles communicating with pores as a carrier, infiltrates thixotropic alumina slurry, and uses an automatic extrusion process away from the center. Correction of the center. Spread the paste evenly on the foam skeleton of the conveyor and bake and cure at a high temperature of 1180°C.
AdTech foam ceramic filter packaging quality
Ceramic foam filter is packed in a cardboard box and packed in 5 cardboard boxes.

AdTech ceramic foam filter size
20 inch 40PPi filter plate, size 508mm x 508mm x 50mm.

AdTech ceramic foam filter residue
Take out the AdTech ceramic foam filter, there is a very small amount of white powder on the cardboard.

Use AdTech ceramic foam filter for seal edge detection
The asbestos sealing edge around the AdTech ceramic foam filter is of good quality and meets the requirements of use.

AdTech foam ceramic filter light transmittance detection
Take the AdTech foam ceramic filter and compare it with a flashlight to observe the uniformity of light transmission on the filter. No blind spots for light transmission are found, check the light transmittance to meet the requirements of use.

AdTech ceramic foam filter
Use compressed air to remove scum on the surface of the AdTech foam ceramic filter.

AdTech ceramic foam filter installation
Carefully place the AdTech ceramic foam filter into the filter housing, and then press the gasket around the AdTech ceramic foam filter by hand. There is no gap between compaction and refractory mud.

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