Buy Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter from the Casting Filtration manufacturer in China

1>. 3D reticulate structure
2>. High mechanical strength, no-dregs off when flapping
3>. High porosity
4>. Large surface areas, strong absorptivity of impurities
5>. Excellent thermal shock resistance
6>. Rapid improvement in filed

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Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Casting Filtration can effectively remove and absorb large or small impurities in molten aluminum,improve the surface quality, product performance and microstructure effectiveness. Mainly used in the domestic, construction, electricity, condensing tubes, cable and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

1. Aluminum alloy bar choose: 10-30ppi
2. Long-term casting choose: 30-50ppi
3. High quality aluminum profile or plate choose :40 or 50ppi
4. Double zero wave continuous casting and rolling choose: >50ppi
5. Other specifications can be customized as your requirments

Buy Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

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