Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for Molten Aluminum Filtration

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for Molten Aluminum Filtration, Alumina Based Ceramic Foam Filters, Ceramic Filter, Foam Filters. These filters are light weight, durable and provide outstanding resistance from heat. During the manufacturing of aluminum foils, allied castings and aluminum sheets, our offered foam filters are immensely used. Owing to offering quality range of Ceramic Foam Filters, we have made huge client base in the market. Our quality analyzer stringently check these foam filters on various quality norms to offer flawless range to our clients.

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Imminent advantages of zirconia filter brings about the best results in casting industries

Passing of the molten form of the metals could be an important step in the formation of the final resulting casts. This has been harnessed by the fitting of the alumina ceramic foam filter, which gives the right kind of design due to absence of any impurities as well as unnecessary gas bubble formation. Machine industries are trying their best to get the finest forms of casts, for which this kind of filter could be of the best advantage.

If you need high porosity and mechanochemical activity in your work, you’d need to opt for a brand which offers you the same. Filtec Foam Ceramic foam filter is an ideal option in such cases where there is a need of a phosphate free and a high resistance to thermal attacks.

The alumina ceramic foam filter can remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas, provide laminar flow when filtration of molten aluminium and also tightens dimensional tolerance during production. Zirconia filter serves a variety of purposes including using it for molten steel and alloy filtration.

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for Molten Aluminum Filtration

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