Alumina Foundry Filter

The incorporation of extraneous elements (particles) into the metal can sometimes lead to the unsuitability of the entire batch of products made and this type of metal, which in turn leads to complete rejection. Until recently, such a problem was considered practically unsolvable, and it would seem impossible to solve the issue of defective products due to foreign particles. However, a method called “metal filtration” came to the aid of manufacturers. Filters for cleaning molten metal help prevent small foreign bodies from entering the molten metal by filtering it and removing all unnecessary.

This filter consists of a housing with a filter element installed in it. The filter element is a slotted grating with plates that are in the form of rectangular triangles and are located parallel and vertical.

However, despite the fact that the design of all filters for cleaning molten metals is approximately the same, each has its own peculiarity. The difference is that different filters are provided for aluminum, copper and steel. So what is the difference? What types of filters exist and how do they differ?

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Alumina Foundry Filter

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