Alumina Honeycomb Filter

Aluminum alloy is widely used in industry for its good mechanical properties (high specific strength, specific stiffness) and good casting properties. It is an important structural material for automobiles, shipbuilding, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.
Especially in the aviation industry, the application is more and more extensive, and the quality requirements for aluminum alloy castings are getting higher and higher. In addition to ensuring chemical composition, mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy, castings are not allowed to have defects such as pores and shrinkage cavities. The smelting of alloy is a very important process in the production process of castings. The production experience over the years has proved that the control of the smelting process is not strict, and the castings are prone to pinholes, oxidized slag, shrinkage and other defects, directly affecting the quality of castings. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality aluminum alloy castings, the smelting process must be strictly controlled.
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