Alumina Ceramic Filters

Adtech is a world leader in the production of ceramic foam filter and filtration system for filtering non-ferrous and ferrous metal melts.
Melt filtration is used to clean metal from oxide films, slag, lining fragments, and other non-metallic inclusions.
If during melt filtration with a glass cloth or a ceramic plate with holes only particles that are larger than the diameter of the through hole are retained.
then in the case of a Alumina Ceramic Filters, it is possible to delay particles of several microns due to the developed inner surface of the filter.
In addition, as the melt passes through the ceramic foam filter, the content of gas dissolved in the metal decreases.

Alumina-based ceramic foam filter designed specifically for filtering aluminum at temperatures up to 1000 ° C.
The highest level of cleaning from non-metallic inclusions is achieved thanks to the triple action of the filters:

Mechanical retention of large inclusions by the surface layer of the filter.
The formation of Alumina Ceramic Filters cones that delay small inclusions.
Precipitation of the smallest inclusions on the developed inner surface of the filter.
The porosity of the filters can be selected between 10-60 ppi (pores per inch).

Alumina Ceramic Filters

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