Boron Nitride Coating Overview
Boron Nitride Coating is suitable for molds and tools, etc., and have the functions of heat preservation, lubrication and heat conduction.
The factors that determine the choice of coatings are: the type of alloy, the structure of castings and molds (different solidification order); in order to meet different needs, we have a complete product line.

Boron Nitride Coating Instruction
Usually sprayed on the mold, can also be dip or brush. The coating thickness can vary within a certain range: there are no certain rules here. It may be necessary to not apply paint on some parts and spray thicker coatings on other parts, in order to obtain chilling and thermal insulation effects, respectively, to achieve a certain solidification sequence or temperature gradient.
If there is no clear dilution ratio, you can start with about 10-20% water and dilute the paint to the extent you think is appropriate. The most suitable dilution ratio depends on several factors (casting weight, pouring temperature, alloy type, spray equipment, mold type, etc.).

Boron Nitride Coating

Boron Nitride Coating Packaging
5kg / barrel, 25kg / barrel

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Boron Nitride Coating Storage
All metallic coatings need to be antifreeze. Shelf life is 6 months.

Boron Nitride Coating Other Statements
We reserve the right to make further technical adjustments and improvements.
Because the thickness of the coating has a great influence on the quality of the casting, the required coating thickness should be determined in advance, and other evaluation standards such as viscosity should be established, and the use process should be controlled.

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