Ceramic Foam Filter 20 Ppi

The ceramic foam filter is an open-cell impression of polymer structures. They are classified according to their cell size according to pores per inch (ppi). The polymer structures are soaked in a mass and then cured. In order to change the various possible applications, the composition consists of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), partially stabilized zirconium oxide (ZRO2) or silicon carbide (SIC).

Adtech Ceramic Foam Filter is 20/30/40/50/60/80 PPI, pls contact sales@adtechamm.com

Ceramic Foam Filter 20 Ppi is used for aluminum, iron and steel casting as well as for all related alloys. In the case of aluminum, these are mainly used for casting molds (sand casting, chill casting), in steel casting they are positioned horizontally or vertically in the barrel, at the bottom of the sprue or in front of the casting.

Ceramic Foam Filter 20 Ppi


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