Aluminum Casting-Boron Nitride Coating

Henze boron nitride coatings are used as highly effective release agents in the casting of light alloys.
They are particularly well suited to coating refractory materials and ceramic components, such as runners, nozzles, plugs and thermocouple protection tubes.
Adtech boron nitride coatings are also successfully applied to enhance the metallic surfaces of casting and ingot moulds, ladles and other tools to prevent the formation of unwanted, bake-on melt deposits.
Boron nitride has a high chemical resistance with respect to the vast majority of molten metals, such as aluminium, magnesium or steel alloys which, when combined with the excellent adhesion properties of the Adtech coating to the treated substrate, results in an excellent service life of the protected working surface.
These advantageous properties are also exploited in Adtech boron nitride sintered parts such as nozzles and crucibles such as in the metal spraying of powder.
The design of high temperature furnaces operating at temperatures significantly higher than 1500 °C incorporates heating elements manufactured from carbon, tungsten or molybdenum.
As a rule, these elements are electrically insulated from the furnace sides using high temperature oxide ceramics.
These oxide ceramic insulators are highly stressed given the growing tendency to employ shorter production cycles with faster heating and cooling rates, leading to early component failures and increased furnace downtime. This brings with it a significant maintenance requirement.
In contrast to the traditional use of aluminium oxide, the working life of components manufactured from Adtech, a sintered boron nitride, is significantly longer. Indeed, for thermal processes at extremely high temperatures and vacuum or in inert conditions, such boron nitride ceramics often present the only viable solution.
For this sector we are able to offer precision machined components such as sleeves, tubes, washers, insulators, insulating plates, spools, flanges and other parts subjected to high thermal stresses – to suit customer specific requirements.Boron Nitride Coating-

Boron Nitride Coating-Metal Forming and Shaping
Boron nitride coatings and boron nitride powder are effective release agents and lubricants for metal forming processes such as extrusion, rolling and pressing.
When used as a high temperature lubricant, the special properties of boron nitride ensure that Adtech products prevent carburisation, overloads leading to tripping out of equipment, as well as contamination and are also effective in preventing surface scale. Adtech are non-toxic and ecologically safe.
In contrast to soot and graphite boron nitride powder is electrically insulating and can be electrostatically charged and efficiently applied onto a wide variety of surfaces. Adtech boron nitride powders can also be used as a solid lubricant additive to oils and greases.
Adtech boron nitride release agents and lubricants are widely used in metal forming and shaping applications. Large areas can be efficiently coated by spraying, brush painting or dipping. Small areas can be coated by means of an aerosol spray.

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