Aluminium Molten Metal Filter

Aluminium Molten Metal Filter including
A aggregate meshed member made of a refractory material
A coating layer formed on a surface of the meshed member
The coating layer consisting of soda silicate capable of being softened or viscous at a temperature of the molten aluminum or molten aluminum alloy.

Aluminium Molten Metal Filter with A method of filtering molten aluminum containing suspended particles

using Aluminium Molten Metal Filter in molten aluminum to recover aluminum occluded in said filter material after filtering, the method comprising the steps of:
(a) providing a source of molten aluminum to be filtered.
(b) providing a filter material dissolvable in molten aluminum.
(c) providing a casting mold having a sprue and gating system for casting aluminum products, said sprue and gating system containing said filter material.
(d) introducing molten aluminum through said sprue, filter material and gating system to said mold.
(e) solidifying said molten aluminum in said sprue, gating system and mold to provide a cast product having solidified metal in said sprue and gating system attached thereto.
(f) separating said solid aluminum in said sprue and gating system from said cast product to provide solid aluminum containing said filter material embedded therein.
(g) dissolving said solid aluminum and filter material in molten aluminum, thereby recovering said aluminum occluded in said filter material.

Aluminium Molten Metal Filter

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