Aluminum Can Recycling Alumina Filter product specifications are 7 * 7in, 9 * 9in, 12 * 12in, 15 * 15in, 17 * 17in, 20 * 20in, 23 * 23in, 25 * 25in, 26 * 26in or customized according to customer needs. The sieve numbers are 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90 ppi. It has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, strong adsorption capacity, and can effectively remove tiny inclusions in molten aluminum.

When choosing Aluminum Can Recycling Alumina Filter, it is more necessary to evaluate the useful value of the foam more closely than the calculation of the appearance and porosity of the product. The uniform state of the grid can be checked on the outer surface of the ceramic filter plate, and the uniform state of the cross-sectional grid can be checked. When the conditions are met, the porosity can be measured and calculated according to the drainage situation. The three-dimensional network structure is uniform and the porosity is large, making it a better ceramic filter plate.

To choose a ceramic filter plate, observe its color, hit its body, and burn its objects. Pure color, variegated color, uniform material. On the other hand, hold the filter plate with one hand, tap the filter plate gently, and tap the filter plate appropriately. The ceramic slag is continuously lost. The inferiority of the filter plate is obvious, the aluminum liquid causes secondary pollution. Use open flame and electric heating to burn to red, and immediately cool to room temperature without tilting or wearing. It is said to be a good filter plate.

The casting quality is required to be high, and a new type of ceramic foam filter with small holes and large meshes is selected. The selection of ceramic filter plate is based on the flow rate of the molten metal and the total flow rate. Choose filter plates with large flow, large capacity, small holes and large size.

When you choose any item, we want to choose all cost-effective items. That is to choose products with high quality, good quality and long life. The choice of ceramic foam filter plates is no exception, and the efficiency of ceramic foam filter plates is expected to increase. So, do we choose ceramic foam filter plates to ensure high efficiency?

Aluminum Can Recycling Alumina Filter

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