Aluminium Cff France Aluminum reduces the impurity content in the aluminum melt, and affects the flow rate of the melt transportation, and improves the quality of the final cast product.
For aluminum melt with high impurity content, glass fiber cloth coarse filter can be selected.
It is important to use glass fiber cloth for coarse filtration in semi-continuous casting.
It can intercept slag and washed slag.
To prevent blockage of Foundry Filter.

France Aluminum introduces how to choose Aluminium Cff
1.Look at its color.
The color is pure, without impurities, indicating that the material is uniform.
2. No sticky hands
It indicates that no adhesive is sprayed on the surface, which will not cause secondary pollution.
3. No dregs
Hold the filter plate with one hand and tap the filter plate hard with the other palm.
The continuous dripping of ceramsite residues indicates that the filter plate is of poor quality and will cause secondary pollution to the aluminum liquid.
4. No cracking and slagging
Use open flame or electric heating to heat red.
Cool immediately at room temperature without cracking and slagging, indicating that it is a good filter plate.

Aluminium Cff France Aluminum

Adtech told France Aluminum through that when purchasing filters, you should carefully evaluate the effective specific surface area or porosity calculation of the foam.
You can observe the homogenization state of the mesh surface of the filter plate, and then observe the homogenization state of the cross-section mesh.
If possible, the porosity can be calculated by the drainage method.
The three-dimensional grid is uniform and relatively large porosity is excellent for foam ceramic filter plates.

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